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CSH-002 mini &portable key machine

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CSH-002 mini &portable key machine

  • Brand:CSH-002 Mini and portable key machine
  • Item:CSH-002
  • Carton:Carton
  • Weight:14KG
  • Rotage:6000R
  • Color:Golden
  • Power:DC12V/10A
  • Price:$580
  • Voltage:100W
  • Origin:Hunan,China
Product detail
    1.CSH-002, capable of both external milling and internal milling, with small body size and wide range of usage, making all kinds of keys such as inside slots,dotted, house keys, as well as car keys and motorcycle keys.

    2.The power supply mode is flexible, both AC and DC can be applied, car cigarette lighter, battery charger can be directly used for power supply,convenient for your outdoor work. 

    3.The accuracy of the machine is set within 0.05mm, and the multifunctional clamps make it fastly, gently and accurately Both AC and DC can be used rith LED switch button powerful, high-speed and low noise, this is the unique function of CSH-002 . 
    4.The spindle and probes are made of hardened high-speed steel to ensure the screws not loose

    5.It applies electronic Indicator light, when the probe and milling cutter are on the same level, the LED lights on both sides of the machine brand will turn to green. The brush motor rotates at 5000r per minute
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