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CSH-008 Automatic Key Machine

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CSH-008 Automatic Key Machine

  • Brand:CSH-008 Automatic Key Cutting Machine
  • Item:CSH-008
  • Voltage:DC12/10A
  • Price:$2525
  • Power:150W
  • Color:Gray
  • Rotate:8000R+
  • Weight:25KG
  • Carton:Carton
  • Origin:Hunan,China
Product detail

    CSH008 Specification:

    1.Full transparent protective cover, 360-degree observation of the entire milling process

    2.Auminum alloy die-casting body, net weight 24kg, body made of 304 stainless steel, stable and durable

    3.Three-axis roller guide, precision screw, accurate and effcient
    4.200w high power 9000r, brushless motor for smoother cutting

    5.8-inch industrial-grade ipad, easy to use, available in English, Vietnamese Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, support for wireless Wifi upgrades

    6.2 minutes of rapid cutting, 5 minutes of all key lost, support for remote cutting 

    7.Compatible with civilian flat single track dotted key, double track dotted key semicircular crescent, single track double track key, internal milling single and double blade, vertical milling single and double blade, double track dotted S slot lock, king kong 4D lock, also USA cylinder keys(sc1, sc4, kw1, kw5, wr5, ya8)Israel Multi-lock etc.

    8.DIY open version, custom milling various keys, more convenient operation 
    9.Flat and vertical milling Multi-functional clamp, milling teeth do not need to change clamp frequently, compatible with domestic and automobile,commercial,Residential keys.

    10.Humanized design handle, easy to carry

    11.Independent research and development, functional innovation is comparable to similar machines at domestic and abroad

    12.The gospel of the civilian locksmith, cutting the key more easier with our automatic machine

    13.1 year warranty, nature after-sales

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