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CSH-001 Stable&Durable manual key machine

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CSH-001 Stable&Durable manual key machine

  • Brand:CSH-001 Stable&Durable manual key machine
  • Item:CSH-001
  • Carton:Carton
  • Weight:26KG
  • Rotage:6000R
  • Color:Black
  • Power:300W
  • Price:$750
  • Voltage:AC220V/5A
  • Origin:Hunan,China
Product detail

    We have exclusive patent on the multifunctional clamps of this machine; 

    All the automobile, Comercial,residential keys, either internal milling or external milling, can be duplicated by it.

    The clamps can also be used in certain combination according to the key types, which lead to a high level of precision.                               

    It adopts super high power of altemating current and brushless motor, provides great strength, high speed rotation, little noise and long life

    By a design of locking both top and bottom guide pillars, it can prevent the cutter from shaking and run-outs during the milling course, which makes it characterized as fast, accurate and precise

    The spindles and probe are made of hardened high-speed steel, resilient,stainless, and make sure the screw never slides

    It applies a beeping electronic Indicator light system. When the probe and cutter are on the same level, the machine beeps. If you are not used to the beeps, you can turn off the switch button

    The X,Y axis are insulative and equipped with dust cover

    The surface of the machine applies technology of spraying plastics. All the handles and switch buttons are covered by plastics or rubber, to avoid any electric leakage or static 

    By pressing the handle up and down to fix a certain height and twist clockwise to lock the height; By twisting the adjustment button to adjust the height of the probe; By slightly rotating the knob to adjust the height elastically.

    The elastic twist button on the X axis will be tightened when cutting a key to prevent X. Y axis moves too much when pressing the handle. It can come back to the center automatically; taking Honda keys for example, it will be much more convenient

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