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How to gracefully avoid the embarrassment of the car's remote control keys without power?

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How to gracefully avoid the embarrassment of the car's remote control keys without power?

Along with the continuous development of science and technology, our vehicle configuration is also becoming more and more rich, now has quickly become our family car remote control key standard, small make up in retrospect and colleagues friends didn't who still use the traditional mechanical keys, there are local tyrants friend's car is equipped with numerous key into the keyless start function, is indeed very convenient, although not small car, but I don't envy, so when it comes to the car keys, if you have a remote control car key suddenly without electricity or is broken, do you know what to do? You're not going to smash the door, are you?
In fact, the remote control key is out of control and can't open the door.
One, the battery of the vehicle is completely dead, that affirmation is not to hit the car door, you of the vehicle possibly all can not start.
Ii. Key problems:
The key is out of power
2. There is a problem with the sensor module
3. Nearby sources of interference
So for point 3, small make up to you say clear, let's key is sent via electromagnetic wave signal indication, if we have a car in a place surrounded by strong magnetic fields, and may your key switch will be failure, we have seen a lot of news reports, many criminals take a jammer, cause you think you lock the door, actually you are not locked, after you left, they would have the opportunity to your handlebar ransacked your valuables. So we recommend you get into the habit of checking the door manually to see if it's locked.
The general remote control key is divided into the traditional folding key and the electronic chip smart key.
One, if your key is this kind of folded key, open the mechanical part when the key is out of power, then take it and plug it into the keyhole on the door and open the door.
2. If your key is the key of this kind of electronic chip, we need to find its mechanical part first. Its mechanical part is hidden in the main body of the key.
Some friends often ask xiao liu, "my door has no keyhole?" Here to tell you that it is not possible, there is only one possible, is for the sake of the doors more beautiful, give you your keyhole adds a beautiful decorative cover, you of the keyhole to hidden, so, we need to find the decorative cover, in general, behind the handlebars of your car can find the position, and it will have a small gap, after you take it with a key to open the we can find the keyhole, this time in normal to open the door, there is no problem.
The mechanical part of the remote key opens the door, but let's think about getting into the car. If the key is out of power, how do you put the car on fire? Of course, if you have a car with a key that fires, you don't have to worry about the car's key running out of power. What xiao liu wants to say today is that the car starts with one key. What if the car keys run out of electricity?
In fact, it is very easy to handle. Generally, cars of this kind start with one key are equipped with a place called induction area. So the induction area of cars like xiao liu is inside the cup holder. Basically, the sensing area of the vehicle is near the central control desk. You can look for it in your favorite car for a rainy day, but you can't find it. You can look at the owner's manual or call the 4S shop to ask.

For example, some models have strange designs. For example, some models have a sensor area behind the one-button start, you can open the one-button start cover, and plug the car key into the place when the car key is dead. Little liu said so much, or hope that the owners of their car more understanding.
Of course, the above is said to be some emergency measures, or hope that everyone in time to replace the battery, if they will replace the battery, if not to be forced to remove, do not feel vigorously miracle. The tip of the battery when you install the positive and negative should not be installed in reverse, otherwise it will probably burn the circuit board.
So some friends ask, "I've found the sensor zone, and if it's already there, why can't my car catch fire?"
The battery is dead. It's easy to do. Just take the wire and put it on.
2. The induction module is broken. If this happens, you should find the 4S shop as soon as possible and then he will replace or fix you. Here is a reminder to everyone, if your car is still under warranty, generally this induction module is the same as our vehicle warranty, then change or repair is free of charge, you should remember this, to avoid overpaying.
Then we should also pay attention to the following points in the use of remote control keys:
One, do not throw the key, because the key circuit board is relatively fragile, you throw it for a long time to throw it broken.
If the key is in water, do not shake it, which may cause the water to flow all over the board. The correct way is not to press any key randomly, then open the key case, then take a hair dryer to blow it dry. If it still doesn't work, liu suggests you go to the 4S shop to repair it.
2. Do not put the keys together with the electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, because they are easy to generate electromagnetic interference, and the chip is also easy to damage. This increases the chances of chip failures.
3. Don't get too close to the left wall when parking. If the key fails to work and there is a wall on the left, you can get out of the copilot position. Because the family car now is to drive in left position to be able to have a key hole, the copilot and other position does not have key hole, if that, more awkward.
Four, spare key also should be put, if master key is bad, spare key cannot be found again, that rematch can be troublesome. Because now our sensor keys are all about anti-theft technology, and it's not like you can just make a new one after you lose it.

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