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If your car's remote control key doesn't work, you don't need to fix it!

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If your car's remote control key doesn't work, you don't need to fix it!

When you drive to the bank to withdraw money, whether you will encounter such a strange thing. After pressing the remote control key many times to lock the car, there is no response, but when you drive away from the bank, the car remote can be fully used again, without any problem. Strange! What is this?
In fact, it's the bank's buzzer that's causing the trouble. Because the bank's wireless stationer sends a wireless pulse when it receives a queue call, which interferes with the car's remote control key.
1. What conditions will cause the key to fail
1. The battery in the car remote control key is dead, causing the car remote control to fail. Generally replace the battery of car remote control can be solved. In particular, some models require a rematch of keys when replacing the remote-control batteries. So before change, had better make a phone call to 4S shop asks specific operation item, lest cause unintended consequence.
1. Dead battery or poor battery contact;
2. If the time control module in the remote control key fails, the remote control will not work;
Third, because the car remote control transmitter antenna aging, and so on, can also cause this situation. In this case, you can go to the maintenance station for inspection and repair.
2. Other electronic signal interference caused the car remote control key to fail. The solution is to change the car to another place, lock the car again, generally can be solved. Also if the car remote control key has a response, is not able to control the car, at this time to be careful, there may be illegal elements around, using jammers, interfering with your car remote control key, in order to steal your car.
3. The car remote control key was flooded, causing the circuit to fail. The solution is to take the remote apart and let the water dry.
4. Many advanced vehicles use keyless start control. Although the system is very convenient, if the keyless launcher fails to operate, let alone the door, the car cannot start. If you encounter this kind of problem, still do not hesitate to contact car 4S shop!
5. Explosion-proof solar membrane. After some car front windshield affixed the explosion-proof solar membrane, when the vehicle front door opened remotely, the phenomenon that the remote door lock did not respond, this is because the explosion-proof solar membrane to some extent blocked the remote control signal.
2. Pay attention to the key placement
Don't put it together with the electronics
Generally, the original battery of the smart key can be used for about two years, but if the smart key is subject to severe electromagnetic interference, it will also fail. Therefore, do not usually put together with electronic products and equipment, radio, television, computer, microwave oven and other intelligent key "counter-star". Electromagnetic wave will not only consume electricity, but also affect the chip of smart key, which will eventually cause the smart key to fail. Do not put the wrong battery
The smart car key battery should be replaced carefully. If something goes wrong, the circuit board in the key will burn out. The car mainly to the professional 4S shop to replace the battery. If you take advantage of cheap, to the informal shop repair, the damage to the keys is not worth the cost. Do not touch metal objects
Many car owners are used to putting smart keys together with other keys or ornaments, but they do not know that they are in contact with metal objects or covered by metal objects. Smart keys may fail. Other items can also cause damage to smart keys during jolts. Don't play for children
Because many remote control keys now have car ignition function, if the car with block, the child pressed the ignition key by mistake, may cause the danger of collision, so it is best not to play for children.
Don't litter
For smart keys, the biggest fear is falling to the ground from high altitude, as most of the smart key cases are relatively strong, while the internal wiring is relatively weak in impact resistance and easy to be damaged in severe collisions.

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