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This time, the firefighters refused to go out and were supported!

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This time, the firefighters refused to go out and were supported!

On September 19, a user's weibo account went viral, denouncing firefighters.
The netizen claimed that some citizens left their keys at home and called the police. They were turned down when they tried to get fire fighters to climb into the balcony to help open the door.
The operator's response made him very angry, and he even wrote five questions to the firefighter: "take taxpayers' money, but do not work for the taxpayers, and say good for the people?"
It's worth noting that the netizen, in contrast to the "nothing" local firefighters, said that in shouguang's disaster relief, firefighters died.
What's a lock company looking for a fire service without a key?
"The cannon shoots the mosquitoes?
Unlike the outraged original bloggers, the onlookers were stunned: brother, do you have any misunderstanding about the word "fireman"?

After being asked by a netizen why do not look for the lock company directly, this netizen's reply can be said to be very infatuated...

Become "thousand husband to point at", this netizen is also quite aggrieved, reply almost every to make fun of oneself of netizen: you are all stand to speak not the waist is painful, wait until which day you also encounter this kind of "call everyday should not call ground ground not to work" matter, won't say so light and levity.

This morning, the reply of @china fire protection showed the following style:

China fire service first introduced the main responsibilities of fire officers and soldiers in a concise and concise way, and then explained that only when the key is left at home and there are children and elderly people trapped or other emergency danger situations in the home, the fire service forces will come to the rescue.
The "textbook" response, which is well-founded but powerful, has been praised by netizens.

When a netizen suggested that such incidents could be dealt with by ignoring them, ah-ch replied: the official response was to gain everyone's understanding and support and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and contradiction.
More importantly, as for Po's assertion in his blog that "fire soldiers died in shouguang's disaster relief", ah-ch must stand up to the public and prevent rumors.

Although most people know that they can't find a lock company without their keys, there are still many cases of firefighters calling the police every year.

As early as 2013, the official website of China fire control online, hosted by the fire department of the ministry of public security, published an article on whether it was a waste of public resources to ask for help for fire control without a key.
The chongqing fire brigade alone received 7228 calls for help in 2013, with more than 30 calls a day and more than 40,000 people deployed, the article said.

It is certainly a good thing that the fire department has increased civilian rescue services from the initial fire fighting.
But if citizens turn to the police for help with everything, it is not only a waste of manpower and resources, but also a potential disaster.
Therefore, in order to ensure the survival of the fire department in emergency situations, the fire department will consider the details when responding to the police, and social assistance will sometimes make way for emergency relief.

Firefighters have been hailed as the "heroes of the retrograde," and as everyone fled from the fire, they were the only ones struggling to save a few more lives.
We should show our understanding and support for their primary mission of firefighting and disaster relief, instead of working all day to solve the little things that citizens can do on their own.
Source: xinhua

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